5 Years of Leadership

MasterPeace Morocco 2018-09-14 23:01:34 Event
5 Years of Leadership

Years pass but achievements and success remain, it  has been 5 years on our existence. On this day the 15th September 2013, our story of change started, MasterPeace Morocco was created to build peace, put music above fighting, dialogue above judgment, and of course to serve the Moroccan youth.

Numbers are powerful and important, during the last years, we helped and empowered more than 4000 nelsons who took part in our different programs either building capacity or
echanges programs where MasterPeace Morocco is recognized as a leading organisation in these two domains.

Being with MasterPeace Morocco, is not only implementing its objectives and programs but its strategy is based on opening and offering chances to youth with creative ideas to shine and take the lead where we successfully helped and mentored several youth initiatives and startups,

By 2015, MasterPeace Morocco, embraced the new Agenda of the United Nations concerning the Sustainable development goals and since then our programs  had and additional theme.

Opening up to the world and the African continent was indeed our interest, by the First edition of the African youth Leadership summit in 2017 held in Marrakech proved so. With
the  participation of more 100 delegates coming from 24 countries, our core vision of empowering youth and tackling the SDGs was united as well as connecting and gathering youth African leaders together to lead because the Future is Africa and the Future is NOW!

As we celebrate the 5th anniversary of our existence ,MasterPeace Morocco is engaged actively to develop new programs as well as enlarge its scale by targeting new cities and new countries by its programs, engages also to support more projects and initiatives and participate actively in creating new jobs and opportunities either on the national or international level, so don’t miss this and be a MasterPeacer.