The art of ?wanting it all, Right now?

Fatima Zamba 2018-08-20 12:17:45 Other
The art of ?wanting it all, Right now?

The art of “wanting it all, Right now”


We’re all thrilled by how  Leonardo Decaprio in” the great Gatsby “managed to accumulate his fortune or how Noah from “the note book” stole  Allie’s heart in such a short period of time ,how will smith in “the pursuit of happiness “ got out of misery and built a career that changed his  life entirely and it’s all in an hour long movie , 10years of hard work, ups  and downs  shrunk to a couple of hours, they make it look easy !! this is the problem with movies, TV shows and series make you lose the track of time , you cannot build a fortune in two hours or find a lover , the true match in an hour , millennials lost their ability of understanding time , we want it all right now , you start the gym on Monday , the next day you’re checking your abs  and you see  nothing but your fat hanging belly and you get angry ,thinking of quitting ,we’re so used to instant results that we lost one  of the most valuable things in life , patience, which is by far the biggest  challenge  to people who don’t understand time ,often ,for  many  ,the beginning of the process always seems easy , you set a bunch of goals ,sometimes unrealistic , you get motivated and determined ,after 5 hours in ,you lose motivation ,so what’s wrong? Why do you keep on failing every single goal you set? The answer took me almost my entire life to realize, it’s all about consistency not motivation.

There is a natural progression in life, you first plant ,cultivate ,then harvest and we tend to miss out on the second one ,Cultivating , it is the process that leads eventually to Harvesting the fruits of your hard work , there’s no way around ,by skipping the steps ,you’ll be jumping from a task to another without accomplishing anything . Getting on the path and staying on it requires faith in the process, it’s a lot easier to set goals, but committing to the process that leads to it, is the  real  struggle, Jeff Olson in the slight edge wrote ,and I quote :

“By putting time on your side, you’ve marshaled the forces of the slight Edge, Your success becomes inevitable .you just need to stay in the process long enough to give it a chance to win. It starts with a choice”.

The book in fact gives the perfect solution to this struggle it’s called “the slight edge“ as the title of the book indicates , I highly recommend you to read it , here’s a brief summary of chapter 1 ,that might actually help you out during the process .

“Consistently repeated daily actions + time = unconquerable results”

 the simple actions you do daily , make the actual change ,reading 10 Pages a day , exercising 10 minutes every morning , very simple and easy to do , so instead of jumping in right over and exhausting yourself the first day and curling up in your blanket eating cheese burger  the next one and whining about how fast you lose motivation , set some simple ,easy ,yet highly affective actions , that when compounded together lead to success .

If it’s so simple, why doesn’t everyone do it? Well, Things that are easy to do are just as easy not to do, why do you walk   past your book shelf, will it kill you if you grabbed one and read few pages a day?  Will it kill you if you didn’t?  , see, both actions are easy to do read or not, nothing affects you in the short run , but in the long run these simple actions worth it all .

So, that is the problem   , simple   things that   are easy to do are also easy not to do, it won’t ruin your life if you do them or not, but that simple error in judgment compounded over    time  will ruin your chances for success, the next time you set a goal make sure you see through it, dream about results but don’t forget about the process .