Ayoub, An idol for Agadiri Youth !

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Ayoub, An idol for Agadiri Youth !

 Ayoub Chiri was one of the active participants of our last Exchange program about Art and peace building, a multi talented young man in different field, get to know his story!

My name is Ayoub Chiri, I am 21 years old, BA holder in English studies linguistics' major. Weird sound maker 'Beatboxing speciality'. Street art photographer, video maker, and  a professional footballer.

Q: What kind of issues are you trying to solve through video making and photography ?

The most important issue that I want to solve in the future is decreasing racism, in which I do believe that photography can help me to achieve that goal through taking pictures  of  people from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs and show them their and others' pictures on my phone screen and telling them that we are the same, we are amazing, and we are incredible creatures in this universe, that is why we have to stand together against anything that would break our unity as human beings. Moreover, I want  to use photography to solve world issues that my country faces such as corruption and human rights.

Q: When and why you decided to become a photographer?

I started street photography in 2016 in a small city named  Ait Melloul. I decided to become a street photographer and a video maker because I do believe that every moment in our lives matter, so I wanted to capture every moment and adventure that would last forever with me, it can be with our friends, classmates, and families. Moreover, I want to share my own perspective and also learn more about myself because I believe that the deeper I get, the more I realize that it's all about what I am interested in, how I feel about it, and what I want to say to people who view my shoots.

A funny story happened to you when you were filming.

I went to Essaouira’s port to take some shoots to the seagulls, when I was trying to approach a seagull with his young seagulls, he bit me on my fingers, all my friends were laughing on me, and it was an unforgettable experience in my photography career.

Q: The biggest influence on your life ? 

Actually the biggest influence on my life was my best friend Assem, he was a street photographer and a video maker as well. We have been working together for three years and he was the one who encouraged and enlarged my vision towards photography’s domain, also he taught me the basics of photography and how to edit pictures.

Q: What youth in Agadir need ?

I think that youth in Agadir need different activities and events that aim at inspiring them to further develop their potential in photography, music, film making, composition, and drama. Moreover, Organizing competition related to each domain that aims at giving youth the chance to spread their passion and art with others. 

Q: Your  advice to Agadir's youth. 

- Dream, believe, plan, work and enjoy.

-Use your energy in creating something positive and helpful for others, it can be a motivation song, inspirational movie, or a play. 

-Think a little long-term and go for the work that excites you.

-Use social media to spread your passion and to know others in the same field.