Modern vs Traditional Medicine

Niema CHAKKOR 2019-09-21 00:00:00 Social
Modern vs Traditional Medicine

It's in human nature to be in a hurry to throw away the old ways in favor of the "New Thing", before even taking time to examine what's good for them. Since the dawn of time people have been relying on plants for their medicine and nutrition, that is until the concept of traditional healing methods was viewed under a different eye... As time went and civilization evolved, so did medicine. And the more advanced they became, the more they chose to ignore the old ways until traditional medicine became a primitive practice and its authenticity was questioned and criticized. Soon herbs were thrown away in favor of chemical formulas.

In certain countries, like Morocco, even though traditional medicine received a certain degree of shunning, the practice wasn't completely thrown away. Maybe it was due to the attachment people have for their tradition, or because often the herbal treatments are always less expensive than and more accessible than prescribed medicine, and maybe both...

Now decades later, the synthetic and chemical formulas started to have their effect on human bodies, to a point where side effects outweighed the benefits of the medicine. In some countries, deaths due to overdoses from prescribed medicine are the most prominent cause of mortality in death certificate data.

In a revolution, some people woke up from their oblivion and started looking for an alternative, and they found herbalism still waiting where they'd left it decades ago. people started to discover that herbal treatments had minimum to no risk and side effects, not to mention it is affordable and more gentle on the human body. 

Morocco has around 4 thousand species that have been identified as products for medicinal and/or aromatic use. The average annual revenue from sales of aromatic and medicinal plants is 5.3 million dirhams for an annual quantity of 33,000 tons. It is important to note that herbs provide alternative income to local communities.

We certainly can't do a kidney or heart transplant with herbalism nor could we perform chemo through it, but sometimes it can help treat your kidney before it had to be transplanted or help with your heart problems better than the pills that are bound to destroy another organ while it healing the first. There are even some reports of herbs saving people in terminal stages of cancer. But that's the thing, it can't make an efficient system on its own, traditional medicine can only do so much with the low level of scientific research that has been made on it. But it can be the perfect complement to modern medicine creating a system that doesn't just raise one way over the other, but one that takes both into consideration and uses the safest and most efficient way to make people better.