GMM 4.0

MasterPeace Morocco 2019-07-17 11:24:22 Event
GMM 4.0

Great Minds Meeting conference was highlighted by two prominent panels, the first one chiefly concentrated on E- entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and business model in the labor market under the them “Social entrepreneurship for youth and local development” where the audience gets the chance to know different beams of entrepreneurship concepts and how eminent to keep up a sort of stable development in one's business. in the first panel, all entrepreneurs emphasized on how important entrepreneurship is in raising social growth and get the popularity through access to social media.

In the second panel, the focus was mainly on integrating marginalized young people in vocational training and education. The diversity of speakers' orientations, made the whole audience get inspired by the social projects that empower different marginalized categories to get engaged actively in the labor market, follow up their educational training and make them get out from negative comfort zones. Meet The World initiative was one of the outstanding Moroccan projects that target such categories like drug addicts in addictology centers, the aim is to power up their abilities in entrepreneurship training and soft skills together with teaching therapy where they learn English language and implicitly working on their psychological sides. Breda an Irish speaker, made the audience motivated by her interventions that highlight her experience in the field of addiction and her plans in Morocco.

At the end of each panel, it was an opportunity for all speakers and rising entrepreneurs to pitch their projects' ideas and interact with the audience through answering questions and giving recommendations.

The last part of the conference, spotlights on a global project "ACT" which is MasterPeace global concept that uses art to transform local communities toward inclusive societies, that will take place in five different countries including Morocco.