Just a piece of paper

Niema CHAKKOR 2019-07-02 00:00:00 Leadership
Just a piece of paper

I recently took my diploma, a diploma I worked on for a few years now. I had failed and failed again, and at several times I considered quitting altogether and looking for a new venue, only to be told that if I was going out, at least I should go out with something I could use, so I held on and tried even more. And finally, I had it... 

As we grow up, we gradually realize that our current qualification is never enough, so we try to climb up the ladder to gain something we could use, but apparently, it's a never-ending spiral. Because when we study hard and finally achieve what we were seeking, there will always be someone at the end of the road telling you "it's just a piece of paper".

We got accustomed to that feeling until it became natural, like an inside joke we share with each other, even while we feel at the top of the world and would like to fist bump the sky and pat ourselves in the back at the same time. When we want to scream "I did it!", there's always that nagging voice asking a million questions and whispering "so what?". 

But what we mostly forget is that both the voice and the person along the road are WRONG. Because a hard work always pays back, and even though there's little opportunity we still have the ability to create a new one, we only need to squish the little whispers of insecurity and punch the frustrating person at the end of the road and then dive in head first into whatever we want to accomplish, because that piece of paper is a step into a whatever direction we decided to take, and a key to the doors that are waiting to be opened.