GMM 5.0

MasterPeace Morocco 2019-01-01 13:40:47 Event
GMM 5.0

MasterPeace Morocco with its partner Amej Ouarzazate, have organized the 3rd edition of Great Minds Meeting under the theme “Youth employment and entrepreneurship for local development.” It took place in Dar Chabab Elmoukawama, Ouarzazate on 15th and 16th December .

The workshops were addressed to 20 passionate youth coming with interesting ideas of projects they aspire to implement in their communites. The  2 days intensive workshops consisted of 4 main workshops focused on E- entrepreneurship and business model Canvass; Where participants were introduced to  the broad concept of entrepreneurship and how important it is to maintain a local development. Then,  to broach the idea of  e- entrepreneurship and how it is considered  to be the backbone of  social and global growth. plus giving examples of famous, successful e- projects like ( Facebook, twitter – kick starter, ect). During this workshop, the participants got an idea about “the business model Canvass”.

They put themselves into small groups. The participants thought of their business ideas and applied the Canvass model. Fundraising, where participants were introduced to  the technic and how they can  fundraise for their projects through different channels. Principles of entrepreneurial creativity workshop was opened by a discussion of creativity means in entrepreneurship and engaging the participants in creative games that gave them a clear understanding of the purpose of the workshop. The last workshop was about Marketing and Personal Branding where the participants were shown the steps of a project, how a problem should be the source of an innovative project idea.

The participants worked individually on their own projects, coached and provided them with help to result in detailed projects with clear visions. They were presented  clearly with  the pitching process and explained how it works.

The trainees took enough time to make their idea ready to be pitched. The jury decided on the criteria to be taken into account while judging the participants. Only 50 seconds were given to each participant to present their projects. At the end, the jury chose the best project idea to be a part of the African Youth Leadership Summit which will take place this year from 21st September to 25th in Marrakesh.