Policies, Youth & Decision Making

MasterPeace Morocco 2018-08-07 20:21:55 Leadership
Policies, Youth & Decision Making

As it keeps in engaging youth in different fields, MasterPeace Morocco organized an exchange program “Public Polices and youth Participation in decision making”, the program that brought more than 5 different nationalities was a ground of discussion of how politics are done in each country.

The session varied between, local and global public politics and how the UN constructs a global framework for the laws that countries make, and also how Sustainable Development goals are concerned in policy making.

Mrs. Karema Rhanem, a public policy expert, presented the delegates to the challenges of building youth policies and how youth should be integrated in the political scene. On the  practical part , the delegates had to work on a case study to extract an issue in their country and solve it by making a public policy through the known process.

At the end certificates were delivered to the participants.

About the Exchange:

The exchange program designed for 30 local and international youth concerned with public policies and democracy, sharing best practices and networking for better local youth policies on youth participation, employment and inclusion.
The Exchange aims to be a collective learning experience grounded in group learning, sharing of different practices around MENA, MEDA and Europe that can inspire action, presupposing critical and liberating dialogue.