Morocco and Belgium Brought together by art and Music

MasterPeace Morocco 2018-07-15 22:16:02 Event
Morocco and Belgium Brought together by art and Music

Art is what unites people , breaks stereotypes and builds bridges between cultures, and for that aim, MasterPeace Morocco &  Espace Jeunes Le Bunker Have organized an Erasmus+ youth Mobility intercultural exchange program that brought 24 participants together from both countries Morocco and Belgium.

The 24 participants, along with their four educators, skilled in photography, singing, music composition, and songwriting worked together to create peace and tolerance through a final product as a musical video clip. The program was rich in nature, having separated participants into groups to work on the final video clip project that will reflect the experience the participants had, and the cultural exchange the Belgian participants lived in Morocco. While working on the final product, the participants got into photography group music composition group, but still remained together and worked throughout the whole stay as a single team. Throughout the making of the video clip, music composition the participants made sure they include different languages such as Tamazight,Arabic, English and French as peace knows no specific language.

As the program aims to break the stereotypes and the prejudices we assume and have about the others, the participants were given a talk session to give feedback about the program ,and how their ideas have changed after they truly knew each other. The Journey would not been that amazing without a chance to explore and unlock the magical city of Agadir, and show the participants the beauty of the country; they explored Paradise Valley, Souk Elhed (Grand Pazar), Taghazout village and Cave Wayne Timdwin, the Participants also had other activities like surfing and climbing throughout their whole stay. At the end of the program, participants have succeeded to complete their tasks; the music has been produced and texts have been written and videos are made for the final product.

The experience was really rich and the two associations coming together gave a push for the talented youth of both Morocco and Belgium to exceed their limits of creativity and passion and most importantly help them create a brand of their own and get them known to the world to finally establish a successful career.