African Youth Stands Together !

MasterPeace Morocco 2017-09-29 16:50:17 AYLS
African Youth Stands Together !

In partnership with HEM ( A private business school in Marrakech) MasterPeace Morocco organized its first African youth leadership summit Conference, that took place from the 21st to the 25th September. 

A press conference was held on first day to present the objectives and the challenges that face the African youth. AYLS gathered, through a selective process, a group of creative, competent and change makers youth from the whole continent in addition to a group of regional and national journalists.

More than 100 delegates coming from 23 different countries were united   on the evening of the international day of peace 21st September at Royal theater to attend the opening ceremony of the conference that celebrated the African unity and diversity later on an institutional dinner followed to establish a working frame between participants and speakers.

The first and the opening panel was under the title of “Africa in 2030 and the role of entrepreneurs” a panel that focused on the role of entrepreneurship in the growth of the African economy and the challenges that the new and young enterprises face  in order to build their names .

Other panels were about, Peace and security, Entrepreneurship In Africa and the role of Education,

Public policies and their role in helping the African youth. The delegates had also a time for entertainment and wander the city of Marrakech such as a city tour at Jamaa Lafana square  and a special night at The Wakky Club.

The closing ceremony of the AYSL 2017 was special for the success the first edition knew and also the announcement of a new network “African youth council “ that aims  to implement all the resolutions made during the AYLS starting from rising awareness and mobilizing people to achieve the sustainable development goals SGDs.

WE stand together !