Read To Lead

Brahim Aitbarka 2017-07-04 13:35:14 Culture
Read To Lead


For me, the word leadership, when I first heard it, seemed to be a simple thing of guiding a group of followers towards an objective, a Leader is a boss, a leaders is a manger. Wrong! Wrong and wrong. Leadership is beyond that simple definition. I found out that during Reading and Leadership Summer Forum in Ourzazat last summer.

There are two types of leaders, those who are born with this quality ,and are only 2%, and those have the ability to be so and they compose 96%, meanwhile the 2% left are those who never going to be leaders.

A leader's profile is influenced by multiple factors; the challenges he faces, the dose of creativity he got and so on. There is also one important thing that leaders have in common, READING. Yes Read to lead, the concept of that program that I attended and first knew about  Leadership.
One can just ask how can reading help in making leaders? I would answer through what I have learned from that forum.

READ MORE SEE MORE vision is an essential feature in a leader that permeates and manifests in actions, values and goals of the organization that he leads. In addition, by sharing your vision you push your coworkers to work more and adapt with the sort of work you are engaged in.

Better thinkers: books represent, what I can call, the Goblet of knowledge, it helps in giving you new perspectives, encourages you to size more Opportunities, it is also a toolbox of ideas, which boosts your problem solving abilities.

Vocabulary: reading novels can be both entertaining, and beneficial, for the later it lies in the huge amount of new words, the more vocabulary you have the more effective your communication is with your fellows.

Creativity. We often come across a book that is well written, and has a plot that can blow our hearts and minds away, this is a result of the writer creativity, the same can be talked of in leadership, and it requires creative souls.

Relax:  of course, after a long day of creative, visionary work, you will get tired for sure, here is your way to get over that, Grab a book; studies have shown that at least 6 min of reading decreases 68% of your anxiety.

After all reading remains one of the surest tools to develop your qualities and be a better leader and I would just end with a quote those summaries it all by MICHAEL HYATT

"One of the best ways to become an indispensable leader? Crack open a book."