About us

MasterPeace Morocco is an innovative, bottom-up global peace movement. We are an open and inviting movement in which everyone is encouraged to use his or her talents and energy for peace building, either by starting your own initiative, supporting other`s initiatives or taking part in one or more of MasterPeace initiatives. MasterPeace develops several attractive global peace-building initiatives such as ‘MasterPeace Clubs’, ‘MasterPeace Alchemist alive’, ‘MasterPeace in Concert’ and many other local initiatives using innovative campaigning, this platform, social media, local and global events and especially art and music to promote dialogue, development and disarmament as an engaging sustainable way to prevent armed conflict. MasterPeace Morocco, its a National Branch founded on the 14th September 2013, the National office is based in Marrakech and we have branchs in several cities as: Essaouira, Agadir, Ouarzazate, Safi and Casablanca

We arededicatd to put: Music above Fighting, Dialogue above Judgment, Creation above Desctruction and Bread above Boms, that's MasterPeace Morocco